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Here Be Sirens
Here Be Sirens
Nov 18, 2023, 7:30 p.m.
Tranzac Club
An atmospheric journey of musical yearning, performed by four of Toronto's most exciting emerging vocalists and the Vc2 cello duo.

Here Be Sirens, Slow Rise Music's third project, explores themes of yearning, femininity and temptation through the lens of  siren song. With its focus on the experience of women, Here Be Sirens will be presented by four of Toronto's most exciting rising sopranos: Midori Marsh, Natalya Gennadi, Shantelle Pryzbylo, and McKenzie Warriner. Their timbres will be complemented by acclaimed cello duo Vc2 and surround-sound electroacoustic effects to create an other-wordly soundscape.


Along with American composer Kate Soper's Here Be Sirens Suite, the concert features new compositions by Ashley Seward, Paul Lessard, Aida Khorsandi, and Kathryn Knowles, drawn together into unique, cohesive whole with sound design by Slow Rise Music co-founder Tristan Zaba and set design by award-winning artist Jessica Hiemstra.

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