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Slow Rise Music is a project-based musical collective exploring innovation as a path to human connection. Established in 2021 after co-founders McKenzie Warriner and Tristan Zaba noticed a marked lack of collaboration between Toronto's various vocal and experimental music scenes, our goal is to bridge these communities by curating concerts that highlight the full spectrum of what vocal music is and can be.


We largely achieve this mandate by commissioning new works from demographically and musically varied creators. However, while many organizations commission music, our approach is unique in extending our commitment to innovation to other facets of our projects as well. We commission poets to write texts, artists to create images for posters, and intentionally seek out unconventional performance spaces. Combined with Slow Rise's penchant for culturally relevant concert themes and unusual instrumentations, creators and performers are given space to step away from instilled classical music norms and focus their efforts on approaching new music with the same care and expressive intent as any other repertoire.

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